Terms & Conditions

    Once your booking has been confirmed and the deposit of £300 (per week) has been paid, you the client and Truemanalp have a legally binding contract.

    For all our accommodation we require a security bond of £300 per property per week. When the payment is due for the accommodation, the deposit automatically becomes the security bond. This will be returned to you as long as there is no damage to the property or if any excessive cleaning needs to be done*. This will be checked during the departure clean, if there is damage/excess mess you will be notified by email with photographic evidence (if possible), or if there is nothing, your bond will be returned by bank transfer, during the following week.


    In the event of you having to make changes to your holiday, please email Debbie, this will not be confirmed until your email has been returned. We will endeavour to help you as much as possible, but if in the event you have had to cancel, the following monies will be retained.

    From booking to 60 days the deposit will be retained (please note that this can be used the following year)
    59 to 46 days - the deposit and 50% of the remaining cost will be retained
    45 to 0 days - the deposit and 100% of the cost will be retained


    In the very unlikely event that we have to alter your holiday, we will endeavour to find you alternate accommodation or your monies returned. We will not be held responsible for any costs that the client might have incurred i.e. flights. We will only cancel your holiday if the premises has become unsafe. ie fire, electrical or water damage.

  • Section 4 - INSURANCE

    We insist that you do not book a holiday without adequate cover for the whole of your party. Your insurance should cover accidental personal injury, loss of personal property, cancellation of your holiday, medical, and unforeseen circumstances that cancels any part of your holiday etc.


    All clients should take responsibility for their own actions; they should respect the other guests in the other apartments at all times. Truemanalp have the right to terminate the contract and evict any party immediately under the following circumstances: damage to property, antisocial behaviour, illegal activities and excess noise that causes distress to other guests in the apartments.


    Truemanalp does not take any responsibility, unless any negligence caused by ourselves causes direct physical injury, we do not except any accidental injury to clients on our premises or anywhere else, please also note that we do not except any responsibility for any activities or restaurants we book or organise for you.

  • Section 7 - COMPLAINTS

    We take complaints very seriously at Truemanalp, so if you feel at anytime that an excellent standard of cleanliness, or care is not being met, please view your concerns immediately, as they will be dealt with straight away.


    Please note that if we have a problem with any of the above, we will endeavour to get someone out immediately, but unless there is either water pouring into the house or you have no electric and are freezing, tradesmen will not come out of working hours, but we will sort it out the following morning. So if you experience any problems, please alert us immediately.

  • Section 9 - BREAKAGES

    Please inform us immediately if you have broken something, please do not try and replace it or mend it yourself. Please also inform us if an appliance is not working so we can call someone out, in France this is never immediately, so this will cause you and the next occupant’s great irritation.

  • Section 10 – LEAVE AS YOU FIND *

    Please note, like all self-catered rentals, we expect the accommodation to be left in the same way as you find it. Therefore if we arrive to clean the property and the departing info has not been done, we will charge you for the extra time it takes us to clear the property. This will be charged at a minimum of £50€. By paying your deposit and returning your booking you are automatically agreeing to all the above.

  • Section 11 – PANDEMIC – with effect from June 2020.

    In case of another Pandemic, Truemanalp will do the following:
    Deposit/Bond - £300 per week, non refundable but you can defer your booking for one year from the date of receiving the deposit to rebook any holiday at Truemanalp.

    Accommodation payment – if you have paid for your holiday and then a covid 19 pandemic closes the Grand Massif resort with immediate effect, Truemanalp will refund the accommodation payment, but not the deposit/bond.
    Please note refunds apply ONLY to covid 19 lockdowns in Samoens that are enforced by the French government, not to any border closures or quarantine issues.

    If you have already paid a deposit for any holiday that commences from June 2020 – then section 11 will apply.

  • Please note that unfortunately we do not allow any pets in any of our properties. If you arrive with a pet, you will be turned away and a refund will not be given.